One of Glenabbey’s core values is Maturity. We believe we are to pursue maturity in our faith, growing in our devotion to and our likeness of Jesus Christ. To support us in this pursuit we have developed a portfolio of courses to run across 4 Monday evenings in February and March 2018 (26th February, 5th March, 12th March and 19th March). Each course will take place at various venues within Glenabbey on Monday evenings. Tea, coffee and nibbles will be served in the foyer from 7.15pm before participants disperse to their courses to begin at 7.45pm.


1 The Marriage Sessions

A four-week course that explores how a couple can understand and strengthen their marriage, whether recently married or married for many years. Based on materials from Care for the Family and with input from experienced course leaders, this course will provide a relaxed, focused opportunity to invest in your marriage. There is no group work or interactive activities so all conversations between couples will be private.

2 Finding straight Paths

This course aims to help you heed the advice of Proverbs 4:26: “Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.” In every age, various voices call God’s people to step off the path of obedience. To remain steadfast in living faithfully, we must face big questions about tough issues with a clear understanding of how we know right from wrong and good from evil. In this crash course on Christian ethics, we will first set a framework for how Christians should make decisions and then test the theory by exploring challenging subjects.


3. The Big Questions

How do we communicate the life-changing Christian message in an increasingly sceptical and secular society? Some people don’t believe in God and have lots of questions, others are disillusioned with the Church, while many more are simply apathetic. This course will help us to think through why Christianity makes sense, gain a better understanding of where other people are coming from and explore how we can deal with common objections. An outline is given below, but there will also be time for discussion and enough flexibility in the programme to consider other questions.

4. Getting the Message - LUKE

As a Christian you are a child of God who will sense a desire to know your heavenly Father more clearly and deeply. To know him more clearly and deeply you understand that encountering him through his word is essential. But that’s just the problem: understanding this is one thing, actually doing it is another! This course is aimed to help each of us learn better how to read the Bible so that we encounter God himself and experience his voice in our lives. Opportunity will be given throughout each session to bring your own real, personal questions and struggles regarding getting the best out of your Bible reading.